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The following roadmap details the privileges linked to the Chanoir experience, along Xorart’s privileges :

Chanoir x Xorart Exhibition – January 2022

A three-part exhibition:

  • 6268 handmade, unique Chanoir collectibles, all imagined by Chanoir himself as the ultimate Happy Families Game!
    1. Tier 1: 80 Family last names, revisiting Chanoir’s history through his major creations, with a scarcity value between 0.3% and 12.8%
    2. Tier 2: 311 Family first names, which are basically last name sub-series of characters with personal backstories of their own, and a scarcity value between 0.03% and 2.4%
    3. Stay on the lookout on social media for Chanoir’s exclusive Scavenger Hunt Initiative: an opportunity to collect hidden treasures within these amazing series, and achieve Collector Gold Status!
  • 111 unique animated GIFs
  • Exclusive 2D video limited edition series numbered 1 to 50
  • Exclusive 3D video limited edition series numbered 1 to 10

The collectibles will be released in the wild in two parts: a whitelisted pre-sale, and a public mint. During the pre-sale, 1,000 collectibles will be available to mint at a price of 0.06 ETH.

During the public mint, the remaining 5,268 collectibles, along with 111 animated GIFs, 50 2D videos, and 10 3D videos NFTs will be available to the world at the prices below:

  • 6268 handmade collectibles: 0.08 ETH each (0.06 in pre-sale)
  • 111 animated GIFs: 0.08 ETH each
  • 50 x 2D video series: 0.25 ETH each
  • 10 x 3D video series: 1.5 ETH each

A maximum of 10 NFTs per wallet are available to mint.

Xorart: The Experience – Christmas 2021

Every owner of NFTs sold through our marketplace will be rewarded with the privileges of the Xorart experience:

  • Exclusive access to pre-sales
  • Priority access to physical exhibitions
  • Meet & Greet with creators (physical and digital)
  • And a lot more to come!

Chanoir: An Anthology Book – Q1 2022

A beautiful anthology table book of Chanoir’s career spanning three decades of graffiti, street art and other forms graphic art.

Chanoir App – Q2 2022

An Apple & Android Mobile Application dedicated to Chanoir’s art and career: create and customize your own Chanoir NFT with exclusive traits!

Tutorial videos such as learning graffiti with Chanoir

Chanoir x Xorart Exhibition: The Next Cat Generation – Q3 2022

Discover what’s in store for the future of Chanoir Digital Experience.

Merch & Goodies – Q3 2022

Chanoir Goodies, accessories and Poster exclusives: cats here, cats there, cats everywhere!

Chanoir: The Animated Series – Q4 2022

Chanoir’s vision will finally become a reality!

A wish coming true for the artist: for as long as he can remember, Chanoir dreamt of an animated series, honoring his favorite cartoonists, from Jim Henson’s Muppets to Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time.

Chanoir Worldwide Exhibition Tour – Q4 2022

Meet & Greet with Chanoir during his worldwide tour coming soon near you!

Our creators’ line up is booked until Q2 2022 and will be announced in the weeks to come: stay tuned to our social media for future announcements!