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Welcome to the first XorArt exhibition

Metamorphosis and Beyond
A Chanoir Anthology

Chanoir post-graffiti

A collection of unique, handmade NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain by world famous street artist Chanoir.

Each character is part of a unique storyline crafted by the artist, and an expression of his own experience in the digital space: the work of a lifetime compiled in a collection engraved in the blockchain for eternity!
Pay attention to details: from historical background murals that have disappeared forever, to iconic pieces of garments and accessories revisited by Chanoir, this handmade collection is achieving a level of detail arguably never seen before.

Chanoir post-graffiti

What is xor.art

XorART is a curating, incubating marketplace sourcing its inspiration within the french touch ecosystem. Our team is dedicated to guiding analog creators through the everchanging blockchain environment and its infinite possibilities. Our firm belief is that we are living a new digital revolution, building altogether the metaverse through art and creativity.