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XorART is a company that has developed the Xor.Art NFT Marketplace. Its principal offices are located in Pompano Beach, Florida, with a branch in Paris, France.

XorART was envisioned in October 2020, and will be launched in Autumn 2021. XorART was born from the vision of CEO Laurent Cohen, an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in the online sales and marketing industry, and COO Roy Halfon, with 25 years in the Music and online industry.

Both partners have been working successfully on multiple projects since 2007 (Beatjoint, Milton Clark, Phytobiol, Beardilizer) XorART is a NFT platform, dedicated to the creation, exhibition, sale and exchange of curated creators and relevant individuals and companies from all kind of fields.

XorART is offering an intuitive, chic and innovative way for curated creators to exclusively list their art and engage with their collectors, leveraging on the blockchain technology, the latest communication tools, and an innovative private platform linking creators with their collectors.

XorART is the bridge between creators attracted to the NFT environment, and buyers from the art world, the blockchain ecosystem and the artists' following, managing art digitalization and creators technological NFT conversion, sales, exchanges, communications between all of them, generating platform fees on each trade. XorART is accepting cryptocurrencies and fiat. XorART is a multilingual platform to ensure global reach. XorART trademark is pending in the USA and FRANCE.


Laurent Cohen

Vision, Business and Brand development, Application and Software Development. Oversee mobile UI design, building, testing and implementation of all technology created under the company.

Roy Halfon

Innovation-driven Operation Director, Marketing, Project Planning, Growth Opportunities, Creative Director for Communication, Interactive and Concept Designs.

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